Welcome to Lancelot's Castles Luxury Sales & Beach Vacation Rentals

As one of the First Coast's premier real estate teams, we offer a fresh perspective on buying, selling, leasing and managing your investment. Lancelot's Castles specializes in distinct homes, condominiums and fully furnished vacation home rentals.

We combine relaxed professionalism with a motivated and enthusiastic team, and provide mass syndication among leading real estate search engines, allowing us to offer insight to anyone seeking real estate advice.
Our services include buying, selling, leasing and full service vacation home management. Our dedicated team comes together to give our First Coast homeowners and those seeking to purchase or lease here first hand and hands-on concierge style service and information.
Our goal is to provide the First Coast area with an unmatched level of character with excellent service being the distinguishing factor setting us apart from our competitors.


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